Most importantly, he listened to me and he processes what we discuss!

I am 64 years old with a significant medical history over the last 5 years, including brain surgery related to a neurological condition and a ruptured femoral artery from a cardiac ablation gone wrong. Previously I had always been active, strong, routinely working out and thought that I was still young enough to stave off the ravages of age by myself. Because of the intensity of the injuries I was scared and reluctant to return to the gym. My initial foray with a trainer in a large gym was horrendous and I almost passed out. I realized that I needed something more personalized and different from the typical trainer in a gym. I found EZ on line and noticed that he will take on an old fool like myself. That intrigued me and I am very happy that I took the first step to regain physical health. Most importantly, he listened to me and he processes what we discuss. Each session begins with a discussion about how I felt since the last session with an eye to adapting the session to what my body is telling me. I have never felt overly tired, sore or in much discomfort after any session. I do feel the blood pumping, though. EZ does not take it EZ. It has been about 2.5 months since I started and I already feel different and better. Specifically, my leg strength has improved and my equilibrium (which had been a significant problem) has improved and I can climb stairs without the fear of falling and grabbing on the railing. My upper body strength has improved as well. Getting dressed, walking and normal everyday tasks have become easier. I feel stronger. I am overweight, but losing weight was not my primary goal. I wanted to feel better, make my life more enjoyable, to be able to putter in my garden and get down on the floor and play with my grandsons. However, I have been losing weight without having to focus on a diet. Every session EZ and I have a simple discussion regarding nutrition and eating habits. The weight loss is just a by product and a bonus, not the focus. The gym is a comfortable, intimate space with a very welcoming atmosphere. It is a no preaching and roid free zone. Thanks EZ. I am not 100% but am definitely on the right track.

– Kerry F.