Gotta thank my best friend, motivator, and coach for this transformation! He made all the crazy workouts you just had to put in the time and effort. Never had any issues and he always changed up the workouts. He always pushed me through workouts I didn’t want to do and the best part of all is he truly cares about you. It’s not just a workout session that you’re getting, it’s a therapy session as well.

-Renato R.

“He truly cares about you.”

I have trained with Ez for quite some time now and what I like about him is that he truly knows how to customize a workout specifically to each client’s needs. I’m the kind of person who struggles to stay motivated throughout the workout, but Ez is awesome at knowing when and what to say to encourage you to keep pushing through the workout from start to end. He always keeps the workouts fun and interesting. Ez really is the best personal trainer!

-Alexis B.

“He always keeps the workouts fun and interesting.”

After years of being a soccer goalie to snowboarding all winter I found that I was lacking a lot of rotational and hip movements. I came to coach Ez looking to improve my game. After just a few sessions, coach Ez was able to improve my problems little by little. I came to him with a snowboarding goal of being able to perform a 540 jump off a ramp. After months of hard work coach Ez made that goal a reality. His ingenuity with exercises help me achieve something that I never knew was possible. If you have a goal and are having trouble reaching it, no need to look further coach Ez is your answer.

-Kevin G.

“Coach Ez was able to improve my problems little by little.”